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You know what to do~ HMD, let's hit it up! How am I playing Nora? Got any suggestions as to how I can play her better? Anything I'm doing right or wrong?

Anything at all, leave me a message here!
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Hey, you've reached Nora Estheim.

I'm currently unavailable, but feel free to leave me a message and I'll get back to you, alright?
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Name: Shamera
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Canon Source: Final Fantasy XIII
Canon Format: Vidya
Character's Name: Nora Estheim
Character's Age: Late thirties
Sex: She is a mommy
Species: Completely boring human
Character Suitability: lololol, she's totally over 16

Character History: Here we go.
Point in Canon: after her death
Previous CR: n/a

Character Personality: Nora Estheim is above everything else, a wife and mother. She introduces herself as a mother in-game, and her last words were for the safety of her son, never so much as mentioning her own name. For her, what was important was who and what she was fighting for, rather than herself. While there is much more depth to her character than just that, she is primarily concerned about the happiness and safety of her family. Implied in the game is that she is a stay at home mother, able to attend to her child's every need so that she could raise him herself. Nora has always been there for Hope, and in that way has actually managed to hinder him despite her best intentions because he was so openly dependent on her.

Through her years of raising her son, Nora has practically transformed herself into the epitome of maternal instinct-- kind, selfless, and infinitely patient. She is good humoured and exceptionally headstrong, always willing to try out new things and perhaps do things for herself. Considering she was born and raised in Cocoon, this says a lot about her-- the entire world was so sheltered and coddled that the fal'Cie (who are like gods) generate the food and sunlight, maintain the weather, and tend to humanity's every whim and fancy. As such, she's also soft... Nora has never known a life of hardship, has always been pampered and may not understand a lot about the hardships people outside of Cocoon have to face. There's a section in Episode Zero where she is joking and laughing with Hope about how she managed to wheedle strangers into giving her home-grown vegetables, and how fascinating she found the fact that they would spend the time and money to grow their own food. Since that was the case and she had been given the vegetables, she would take the time and effort to clean the "bug-eaten leaves" and cook it.

Though the section of Episode Zero with Nora in it is primarily from Hope's point of view and may be tinted from his bias of her, Nora is painted as the gentle and kind woman adored by her son and neglected by her husband. Hope's justification for hating his father was because Bartholomew too often made Nora sad. She has always had her hands full raising her son, and he at one point calls her "shameless" at the way she manages to always work things in her favour, and she just laughed it off. And as the mother of a teenage son, she's very good at knowing when he needs space and when she can worm into his personal space to comfort him.

Nora is very focused on her own interpersonal relationships; it doesn't matter to her if the world is falling apart around her as long as her family are safe and sound. She was described as being exceedingly kind by Vanille, who stuck with them through the Purge because of Nora's kindness, even to strangers at such a distressful hour. She is, however, easily agitated at the idea of her son in danger. When the Purge began, she begged the soldiers to allow Hope to go, that he was only a child who hadn't been touched by the fal'Cie, and when they refused her pleas, she tried to shield both Hope and Vanille through the journey.

It was that kindness and instinct to protect that eventually led to her death when the Purge took a violent turn. Nora joined in the fight against the Sanctum for the safety of her son, her first words in-game being to mollify even Snow's worry when she took up arms, assuring him that "moms are tough." (More than that is the original Japanese words she used: “母は強しよ。”, which translates more into "might(strength) in a mother's love.") And she was, even in the face of battle against trained soldiers. It was because of her that Snow survived, although that led to her being blasted away by an explosion that killed a great number of people. Her last words and thoughts had been for her family, though, even as she was dying. She begged Snow to "get him home", wanting nothing more than to know that Hope would be safe and perhaps come to understand that his father really did love him. Her words influenced Snow enough that he decided if he didn't know who to save... he would have to save everyone in order to fulfill Nora's last wish.

In that part, Nora can be extremely selfish. Her happiness is in the safety of her loved ones, and she doesn't seem to completely understand that they rely on her for their own happiness. As much as she knew her husband cared, she thought it was more important to step forward in the fight rather than stay back and be protected-- even knowing that she would possibly be the weakest link in the group. It is partially her stubborn nature and refusal to back down that led to her own death; a portion pride and another fearlessness. She didn't even attempt to dodge from the blasts, going completely on the offensive in hopes of making a difference. As much as Nora is a wonderful and selfless person, she also doesn't think about her own safety enough in consideration to other people's.

Appearance/PB: She's pretty tiny, actually. 5'3, green eyes, silver-white hair.

First Person Sample: Old game stuff.

Third Person Sample:
She hid immediately the first few times she saw a shadow cross her path. Not because she had any experience with the undead or even knew about about the city's (world's?) epidemic, but because she had just been in a situation where soldiers were killing people they came across, and she wasn't so easily fooled by the idea that perhaps her entire life hadn't been real.

Her life was real. Of course it was real, even if this place might also be real. Nora remembered everything with both the crystal clarity and haziness that her memories would afford her, from her own parents and growing up to school to meeting Bartholomew and their life together afterward. She remembered the tragedies and the arguments and the moments of comfortable silent and the tears and the love, remembered being bright-eyed as he brought back flowers and always, always managed to keep his promises-- even the most ridiculous of them.

And her baby. How was she supposed to believe, even have the slightest doubt, that he wasn't real? Even if this place was really a different world and not some crazy Sanctum trick, Nora would never, ever believe that Hope wasn't real. Fictional? It couldn't be. That the video-- the game, knew her son so well was a terrifying thing, but he wasn't a l'Cie. She would never, never let that tragedy happen to him, not while there was breath still in her body. Whatever this world was, whatever was true or untrue, she would somehow have to get home to her family. Unless she was extremely lucky and the memories of the past days were fake, the Purge was still happening and that meant her son wouldn't be safe until he got back home to his father. Bartholomew would know what to do, how to stand up to the entirety of the Sanctum and keep him safe. Her husband could stand against the world if he wanted to, would push against the sky if meant his family's safety, she knew it. Even if he had been so busy the past several years and even if he had broken all his promises... there was still that man she had fallen in love with who had always done everything possible to give her anything she might want. She had to get home, had to--

A yank on the leg and Nora went down with a startled shout, her breath completely knocked away with the impact, leaving her stunned for a second before she looked back and screamed at the visage behind her. What-- what was that? The fingers clawing at her pants, the gaping jaw and the decaying skin of the one who had grabbed her, bringing her down onto the ground, and Nora kicked with her free foot, unable to hide her noises of distress as that didn't cause the person (creature?) to let go, but instead to cling harder, the bones digging into the fabric of her pants and stinging her legs.

She scrambled away with her arms, or tried to, tried to gain some distance between her and the creature before she realized that she was only managing to drag it along with her on the floor, and shuddered as its teeth tried to bite down on her flailing limbs, the clack of teeth on teeth a horrifying echo to accompany her panicked breaths. Another sharp kick, and this time Nora aimed the heel of her shoe directly against an eye, not trying to be nice about it anymore, and felt the give beneath her shoe, felt the moment when the creature finally let go with a shriek of pain and she scrambled away, clambering onto her feet and then running-- running as fast as she could before her lungs begged her to stop.

That-- that wasn't a soldier! Was it? Nora had never expected the passage home to be easy, but it took her several moments with one hand clutched to her heart and the other over her mouth to try and silence her breaths before she could calm her racing heart. Monsters. She hadn't been expecting them. She should have. She'd have to be careful, have to find a weapon of some sort to defend herself with, but... She shut her eyes tightly a moment, just a moment to gather her wits about her, and then opened them again, this time donning a determined expression. Monsters. But that didn't matter. Her first priority was still getting home. No time to worry about why there were monsters, or even what they were. If she was here...

A weapon. Just because Hope wasn't here didn't mean that her duty protecting her child was over. She'd fight her way to get back to him, and then she'd get him home. No matter how long it took. She was alive, and until her last breath, she'd fight for that goal.

Everything else had to come later.


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